Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slug News

I am lucky enough to have two super dooper, wonderful nephews and a beautiful, adorable niece. One of my nephews, Zak, is a guitar playing genius, the other Dylan, a draw-er extraordinaire!  

Yesterday was Dylan's 10th birthday, and whilst I was babysitting him a couple of months ago, he'd drawn these pretty amazing new slug characters for me...

And after promising I'd make Geoff, complete with monacle, hat, moustache, pipe and briefcase, I decided, why stop at Geoff, when I could make the whole gang?!  

So this is what I did for his birthday present...

Here's Geoff. He's very busy and important. A top notch solicitor, who drives a Rolls Royce.
He can move at speeds of 40mph.

This is Dino-Dan. He is very fierce, and can tear your limbs apart with his sharp teeth. He loves sandwiches, but his arms are too short to reach his mouth. He can travel up to 100mph.

This one is Super Sally. She is a rude-girl, and a super hero, who will always rescue a slug in need, unless there is salt, then she's not even gonna go there blud. She moves at 0.00000000000001mph.

This is Bob, my personal favourite! He is super fast, with the help of his jet pack. Sometimes he goes soooooo fast that he does little blow-offs with excitement. He travels at 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000mph.

This is John. He was the first slug that Dylan unwrapped. The look on Dylan's face when he saw it, was like seeing someone re-united with a long lost relative!!

John is an optician, and despite having 5 eyes, has terrible eyesight. He actually wears contact lenses. He move at speeds of up to 10mph.

And last, but by no means least, Mini Monty. He measures around 1.5cm long...

Here's Dylan and Bob in action, with the rest of the slug gang...

And the slugs in their new home- The Moustache Box!

Dylan tells me that he is planning to make an animation with the slugs, so keep your eyes peeled for this masterpiece!

If you took a fancy to Bob, I've made some limited edition purple versions... in fact, there are only 4, so if you want one, grab one quick from the website here!

Next week, I plan on making some more Geoffs, so keep your eye on the Facebook page or Twitter for updates!

And in other slugs news, I have started taking orders for personalised gigantic slugs, so if you've ever dreamt of seeing your name in stitches on a mahoosive slug, just get in touch via email: 

They cost £24 plus £2 per letter.

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