Wednesday, May 15, 2013

London Calling

Recently I came to the conclusion that I work waaaaay too hard, and actually, I do deserve a little break from time to time, so last weekend, I shut up shop, and headed off to London for a couple of days, to catch up with old chums, and have a bit of a mooch about.

Here's a picture of me mooching, and looking a bit cross:


This is what I did...

* Bumped into a customer on the bus, who was sporting a ladybird brooch on her bag

* Hung out in an old man's pub, and watched a pool competition, while simultaneously admiring the amazingly high gloss ceiling!

* Went to Soho to stock up on chains and findings, then popped over to Spitalfields to grab some blue leather for a Union Jack heart brooch order.

* Ate some delicious Turkish food.

* Popped into Lazy Oaf where I had a quick catch up with lovely Gemma, and tried on this AMAZING pineapple dress, then couldn't decide whether to buy it or not, so left it... for now!! I have a funny feeling that as soon as the sun shines, I'll be getting my purse out!

* But most exciting of all, finally made it to George Moore Menswear shop in Bowes Park, which I'd been wanting to go to for years...

No ordinary menswear shop, this place closed down about 13 years ago, but the owner who retired, and now lives above the shop never cleared out the window display. 

I love old, abandoned buildings, and when they still have all the  stuff in, even better! Just wish I could have had a peek inside the door, to see if all the stock was still on the shop floor.

Check out these delightfully mouldy underpants!

I'd like to think that the shop comes to life in the dead of night with ghosties and ghouls, shopping for faded ski gloves and mildewed undercrackers...

I hung about George's for a while, wondering how the local residents feel about this peculiar museum piece of a shop and gazing at the windows above, it's tattered grey nets fluttering in the breeze, I hoped to catch a glimpse of the gent that owns the shop. No such luck, so I headed off to my next eery destination...

Next stop was Postman's Park, a Memorial of Heroic Self Sacrifice, close to St Paul's.

The wall is lined with tiles, telling the heroic tales of all kinds of people...

Just lovely, and poignant.

If you are ever in the vicinity, you must, must, must go and have a look. 

Sooooooooo, that was my lovely, if somewhat weird and creepy weekend!

If you're fond of an eerie tale, check out this blog- one of my faves for peculiar stories:

That's all for today! Back in the shop this weekend!

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littlecupcakeuk said...

I love your laments. Going to the big smoke in a couple of weeks - now I know what to go and see!

littlecupcakeuk said...

I love your laments. Going to the big smoke in a couple of weeks - now I know what to go and see!


Zoe, hello, this is Lucia from Prague (crochet bikini, remember?) I am going to London soon, so thanks for the tips!!! Take care! L