Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter Bunny Workshop

Oh lummy cripes! I've been meaning to blog for like, a million years or something, but life has been a little hectic/stressful/completely chaotic recently... Anyhoo, I'm currently addressing the slightly out of control chaos, and here I am, blogging innit.

Soooo, let me tell you all about the Easter Bunny workshop we held in March, which now seems a lifetime ago, and in all honesty, I was feeling a teensy bit run down around that time, so here are some delightful pictures to feast your eyeballs on...

Here's a picture of all the lovely ladies, concentrating on stitching their bunnies tails and ears on...

Here's an example of two velveteen wabbits with lace collars and pom pom tails...

This is Phoebe with her rather Scottish inspired bunny, Hamish McRabbit-Face. She managed to match her rabbit's pom pom nose to her green nail polish!

And spookily, Lydia unknowingly co-ordinated her yellow and pink polkadot nails to her bunny too!

Here's Lydia's Mum, Sue. We loved that she added a little purple beret to her bunny!

Judi brought along a lacy family heirloom, which she used to decorate her wabbit, Lady Verity!

Ali went for a bit of a tropical Carmen Miranda theme with her wabbit...

And here's the final line up of the Easter Bunnies with their creators/owners.

 Ladies, you did a great job!

If you fancy coming along to one of our workshops, the next one is on the 19th May, where I will be showing you how to create animal shoes out of plain ballet pumps.  

Off to beddy bo's now...

Bunny lovings


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