Thursday, February 28, 2013


So it's official. I may have said this before, but now it is REALLY official- I literally have the best customers in the whole world, EVER!

I always knew all the nicest, most brilliant people came to buy stuff from Love From Hetty & Dave, be it at markets, online or in the shop, but this week it was truly highlighted by this adorable Japanese lady, Mayu, who came back on Tuesday after discovering the shop on Saturday, to buy 2 slugs!

Me, Mayu and George the Slug

Mayu told me that after seeing the slugs on Saturday, she had slugs on the brain, and did a couple of doodles. 

And WOW! These doodles are just soooo brilliant! 

Check out SLUG RIDER here:

Doodle by Mayu Yokouchi

And this amazing doodle is all about a Japanese superstition: 
'You'll be dead by the morning if you fall asleep with your socks on and dream of monkeys'. 
Total bonks!

Doodle by Mayu Yokouchi

Just pure wonderful-ness! Makes me want to make a life size slug rider out of felt to hang out in my shop window, although I'm not sure what the Pokesdown community would make of a giant topless lady riding a massive slug along Christchurch Road!

Anyway, after Mayu made her purchase of George (giant slug) and Mary (baby slug), she took them for a cuppa in Boscombe, like every good slug owner should!

George and Mary sharing a cuppa and a slice of cheesecake.

She tells me that Baby Slug Mary is now living in Charminster with her Japanese friend, and George the Giant Slug has gone back to Japan with her. 

What a super dooper story!

I should mention, these aren't the first slugs to head out of the UK- We've sent slugs off to Japan before, as well as the Netherlands, Australia, New York, and one lovely customer tells us that the giant slug she bought before Christmas now resides with her sister in Berlin! International slugs- I love it!

If you fancy a slug in your life, you can buy one online here:

Sluggish Lovings 

From the Queen of Slugs
(Yes, apparently I do carry that title!)


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