Monday, February 11, 2013

A Delightfully Crafty Sunday

So, yesterday we hosted our first ever Love From Hetty & Dave workshop on the rainiest, most miserable Sunday ever! 

I'd been toying with the idea of teaching others how to make my leathery stuff over the last 2 years, and finally gave myself a little kick up the butt and got organising! Truth be told, I had been feeling a teeny weeny bit nervous about it, but with my wonderfully calm assistant Ali, by my side, deep down, I knew it would be just fine...
After purchasing many pairs of scissors, rather a lot of glue, and borrowing 6 vintage chairs from my darling friend Amber's 'Decades of Design' retro furniture shop down the road, by Saturday evening it was all set up, and ready for four lovely ladies to come and get stitching. 

So after an early night, and a mouse incident involving 2 cats at 4.30am, I picked up some delicious treats from lovely Lisa at 'Tricky Treats' in the morning- posh cucumber sandwiches, and the ol' classic egg and cress, all with the crusts cut off, along with an amazing Victoria sponge cake with fresh cream, and cranberry, pecan and white choco cookies. Unfortunately two cancelled at the last minute, which meant we had a lot more cake to eat between us, and each had cookies to take home in party bags... what a shame!

By 11am, everyone had arrived, from far and near. Amanda had driven all the way from Hereford, picking up Kate on the way, near Stonehenge. Suzie had come from Southampton and Alys just a stone's throw away in Poole. And WOW! What a super dooper lovely bunch of ladies they were!

After a leisurely cup of tea and chit-chat, we got on with the job in hand: Making leather heart brooches in a choice of pink or red, and with turquoise or black lettering. I must say, I was VERY impressed with everyone's cutting skills on those tiny letters!

Kate (second from the left) had never done any sewing, and did absolutely brilliantly, and was the only casualty with a prick to her finger!  Luckily, we had plasters to hand!

At 1pm we were half way through the brooch with everyone's letters stitching securely on, and it was time to tuck into some lunch, and decide on more workshop dates for the diary!

This was just the perfect excuse to get out all my mismatched vintage crockery, and it all looked so pretty against the cute table cloth... Amanda told me she hadn't expected a lunch like this, and it felt like such a real treat. To be honest, it hadn't really crossed my mind to do it any other way, so that was lovely to hear!

After lunch we finished the heart brooches in super speedy time, and everyone managed to make an additional brooch too!

Considering there were absolute beginners amongst us, it was really quite impressive!

Check out those looks of concentration, Kate and Alys!

Finishing the day with another cuppa and some delish cookies everyone had 2 finished heart brooches, and we all agreed it had been such a lovely, relaxing day.

Sadly the glamourous Suzie (in the beautiful red fur collar, here) rushed off, and missed having her pic taken with the girls and their finished brooches.

So here are the ladies wearing their hearts- left to right: Amanda, Kate, Alys and Ali. 

Good work ladies, and a huge thank you for making the first ever workshop go like a dream!

And if you are reading this, feeling a wee bit gutted that you missed out, don't despair!

On Sunday the 24th February, we are holding another heart brooch workshop. You can book your place right here, right now!

I am also in the process of finalising other workshops at the moment, making other crafty delights which I know this lovely bunch of ladies are desperate to get signed up too, so until next time...

Cake-y, stitch-y lovings


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