Friday, February 3, 2012

What Happened in January then?

How is it February already?! For goodness sake, where does the time go?

So, here's a quick round up of what happened in January...

Jacky Boom Booms finally back at home after 7 long weeks of going walkabout - HOORAH!!

Bad man broke into the shop/studio and trashed my door - BOOOO!!
(The police did catch him though- NICE!!)

Luckily my insurance paid for a shiny new door, so it felt like the bad burglar actually did me a favour!

Always gotta look on the bright side, see?!

Stitched a few rather lovely Ladybird collars...

Made some adorable baby shoes for two new babies that have arrived in friend's lives- DELIGHTFUL!

And right at the end of the month I found a body spray, called Zo Zo, that smells like an old ladies handbag... DIVINE!!

All in all, quite an eventful month!!

And I have a feeling February might be a busy one tooooo...

Freezing cold lovings



nettie_wine said...

Great blog. I love the sad look on your doors face, oh bless! :-)
More please!... (of everything!!...!- your wonderful designs, and your pictures and blogs!) x

Michelle said...

Oh no! Gr8 finding ur shop yesterday! Catch up soon