Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Ello Ducky!

Recently I have got myself a rather lovely new stockist in Derbyshire called 'Bow' who seem to feel rather passionate about flying ducks! Having thought about designing a flying duck range many months ago, and never getting around to it, decided now was the time.

These are my Great Grandmother's ducks that Big Nan gave me, and were the inspiration behind my designs...

And here's beautiful Atelle modelling my designs, on his silky coat...

Which were then stitched onto this vintage Welsh wool tapestry handbag...

And promptly flew out, having sold only a matter of minutes after going online!

If you feel slightly tearful that you missed out on this beaut, there will be more flying duck handbags soon... and even rucksacks for the boys. Keep your eye on the shop for these.

But for now, you can adorn your cardigan, bag, Nan... or whatever with a delightful drake brooch, which you can buy here

Or if you are a bit of a homey, here's a rather plumptious, feather filled, tweed cushion with vintage doily and leather duck applique... available online sooooooon!

So, that's all for now, in the way of ducks... Budgies next.

Quack Quack Lovings


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