Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jack is BACK!!

After my last blog about the adventures of finding my kitty, I persevered with various cat traps. I caught various other kitties, most of them furious, but decided that after 7 weeks of no signs of Jack maybe it was time to give up...

So I returned the trap to the Cat Protection League, when lo and behold, the next evening we got a call from a lovely lady called Lorna, who was certain she'd nearly caught our little fella, but he'd dashed off just before she had time to grab him.

Next thing he was in an empty house opposite Lorna's, pitifully mewing from within the roof space.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, having identified Jacky's face through a hole in the roof, a lovely chap from the council came along and pulled him out of the roof!

So Mr Jacky Boom Booms has been home just over a week now, and has only just stopped purring day and night! He's lost just over a kilo- lucky he was a little fatty when he disappeared!

Apart from the weight loss, he is just purrrr-fect!

And the moral of this story? Never give up!

Purry Lovings



The Dandy Man Can said...

GroOoOovy baby Boom Booms! Sooooo happy he's back XxX

Miss Tula Trash said...

Great news... :)