Sunday, October 2, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

So, it seems like I might just have a teeny tiny obsession with strawberries.

First came the brooch, then the mouse amongst the strawberries purse.

Next the earrings and necklace.

The shoes...

And in between, amongst other strawberry designs, the upcycled strawberry table cloth skirt.

Then, this week, having spent a day making strawberry brooches and babooshka dolls, the two designs merged...

I thought I'd do a little google image search to see what other 'strawberry heads' were out there, and discovered this beautiful image by ELSA BESKOW-KORT.

It got me thinking, 'I want a strawberry dress like those ladies!' and then, on closer inspection, 'I want to ride around (albeit very slowly) on a snail too!'

Obviously the snail part might be a little tricky, but I am off to hunt down a lovely, juicy red jumper, to customise into a strawberry top for winter, complete with leaf collar.

Will keep you posted on progress!

Strawberries and cream lovings


1 comment:

Marthaamay O_o said...

Brilliant thought process here! You can find snails on strawberry plants, if you were a Borrower.