Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wonderful Wiggle!

Sooooo, every now and again, I get commissioned to make a brooch of somebody's beloved pet.

I haven't made any in a while, but here's one I made earlier... the delightful pooch, Wiggle, complete with tweed flat cap, pictured with his equally delightful owner, Karen. 

Here, you can also see the initial template, and all the pieces of leather cut, stuck down, and ready to stitch.

Amazingly, I discovered some long lost hounds tooth print suede, in the dark depths of my leather stash, which was perfect for Wiggle's flat cap!

And here is the finished brooch- stitched, stuffed and ready to go!

This Wiggle brooch was made for Karen's mum, but I have kept the template as I have a feeling this might not be the last Wiggle I make!!

If you'd like to commission your very own pet brooch, prices start from £18, and you can contact me at

You can also see other commissions I have made here.

Wiggly Lovings


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cLare_beaR_ said...

ahh thats too cute. my doggy is the same breed as that one i think. lovely :)