Friday, June 10, 2011

Productivity a-go-go!

Oh my giddy aunt’s pyjamas, it’s been a pretty productive week!

After deliberating over the last 7 months whether to close the shop on Wednesday, I finally took the plunge, and oh my, how good did it feel!?

So this Wednesday, I did the following:

Finished stitching 20 keyrings

Caught up on Eastenders (my guilty pleasure)

Also caught up on The Apprentice (I love Lord Al!)

Watched a terrible Ashton Kutcher movie

(I really don’t see the Ashton attraction!)

Tidied my bedroom- finally discovered the floor

Did 3 loads of washing

Made and photographed 11 cashmere slugs

And just had a lovely ol' time hanging out with Jaccqui Boom Booms

He was not massively impressed with the slug invasion though.

Anyway, shop news…

Lots of splendid new stuff has arrived this week.

Here’s a little taster of just some of the delights:

The brillo Nick Frith brought in a lovely bunch of greetings cards

The amazing Swimmer girls have been busy knitting and stitching some fabby cushions

And new addition Lucie Ellen’s wonderful, wonderful wooden jewellery. I heart it.

(Another of Nick's brill cards has sneaked in there!)

Totally LOVING the typewriters!

And after selling the 1970s shopper bike out of the window, it was time for a new window display featuring one desperate housewolf:

She's called Iris. Or previously known as Ian. She's had some gender issues...

Anyway, off to bed now, ready for a busy day in the shop tomorrow.

Sweet dreams and lovings



Leonie said...

The typewriters are dead cute. And I love the desperate housewolf, s/he's awesome! Where's your shop based? I'm on the South Coast too and would love to pay a visit.

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

Hey Leonie, the shop is in Pokesdown, Bournemouth. 864 Christchurch Rd, BH7 6DQ to be precise! I'm open everyday except Wednesday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Do come and pay a visit!

Leonie said...

I will indeed! I'm only in Southampton, so it's just a wee train ride away. xo

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

It's only a 2 minute walk from Pokesdown station, so I'll expect to see you soon!

Tracey said...

I spy the pyrex set that I bought from you in the window!! :)

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

Last night I dreamt I bought a turquoise pyrex dinner set from a charity shop for £52. As I was paying she told me it had been in the shop for ages, and she was about to mark it down to £35. Dream? More like a nightmare!