Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apron Antics

I love a good skirt or dress in the summer, and it's always a bonus when I discover a pocket in said skirt/dress. More often than not, this is a bit of a rarity.

I also love vintage fabrics...

But, when a snazzy vintage skirt comes along, it's ALWAYS a teeny tiny size, which wouldn't stand a chance of going over my hips.

Anyway, then I discovered Dottie Angel and her love of vintage half aprons,

And so a 'Stepford wives meets Grandma' obsession begins. I need pinnys- aprons is where it's at!

I bought one a while back, on a crazy whim.
Pink, green, and lovely 50s rose print fabric.
What more could a girl ask for?!

But what to wear it with...

And then it dawned on me, let's team up all those pretty, but a bit too plain for my liking, skirts I had collected over the years, with a pinny, AND WITH A POCKET TOO! Hoorah!

Now I can permanently look like a wonderful domestic goddess, on the brink of a cake baking episode, AND have my phone/thimbles/needle and thread close to hand. Perfection.

This is my latest and most favourite pinny... from my ace neighbour Leah, at Vintage Per Sempre.

Goes perfectly with my ancient pink cardi.

I heart pinnys.

Apron love



Teasemade said...

Oh I do love a good pocket there just aren't enough pockets on things I'm not a fan of pockets in things what a rubbish idea - not pretty and usually squishes you. Half pinny are the way forward just don't forget the skirt.

steven mcvay said...

even before i fully read the first bit i was thinking about dottie angel.. i wish i was like her... her house is amazing and so is the stuff she makes... and she has the cutest dog in the world that sleeps in a suitcse..

Shellena said...

Cute apron...I purchased a handmade one from Bryson City, NC last year!!! Please check out my site and follow if you like.
Mint a la Mode