Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emerald City

Recently I had no choice but to give up on pulling out the white hairs (I hate calling them grey) that appeared to be sprouting on a daily basis.

I decided that there were only two options: Red or Dead. And by dead I actually mean, boring brown.

So red I went, thanks to the fabby Ben at Reef Hair, who is most marvellous with all hair related issues.

And after going this super duper shade of Paloma Faith, all I could think was, 'I NEED AN EMERALD GREEN SEQUIN CARDI!'

Many moons ago I saw one in a vintage shop down Brick Lane. It was hung next to a lovely fuschia sequined shell top, and worn together they would have made anyone look like the juiciest watermelon in Shoreditch.
But alas, I was a penniless market trader back then, and had to just walk on by.

Now, I wish I'd just extended the ol' overdraft a teeny tiny bit more, because I swear I would wear that cardi every single day now, and look like a jazzy leprachaun while I was at it.

Anyway, on my fruitless search for a shiny, emerald wonder, I came across some super sequined leaf motifs...

And a week previously, a sweet knitted short sleeved sweater in the most perfect of greens, I discovered hidden away in the basement of Clobber.

And so a union of gorgeous greens was met...

And I get a splendid sparkly top, fit for the Emerald Palace.

Luscious Lovings



Rowan said...

Your hair looks brilliant! Did you say he was called ben? My hairdresser is called Ben too. He's lovely!

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

Red is definitely the way forward...
As are hairdressers called Ben!