Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Quick Catch Up on What I've been Doing.

Whoa there! It's been while crocodile since I last wrote...

Been a super busy bee as usual.

The monster sized order part 2, has been shipped, so I 'just' have 246 keyrings to make which leave at the end of the month, then it's business as normal... whatever 'normal' is nowadays!

So, in between stitching like a maniac, here are some more leisurely things I've been doing and making...

I made myself a strawberry necklace and matching earrings- a creative distraction from what I was meant to be doing, but rather juicy.

I went to a fabby knitting exhibition at Bournemouth Library. Very inspiring. I want to knit radishes, and beehives and dog poos too.

I made some Babooshka doll brooches, which I've been meaning to do for a couple of years, and put to use some beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn fabric I'd been saving for something special

I then went on to repeatedly watch
Kate Bush singing Babooshka on YouTube

I was a bridesmaid at a lovely wedding...

(In hindsight, probs shoulda waxed the 'tashe first)

...with lots of balloons...

And amongst all these events, I went a bit flamingo crazy:

Flamingo Rosette- you can buy one here for a mere fiver.

I bought, then today, sold, a rather brilliant flamingo picture, perfect for a boudoir:

I made some o' these, which you can purchase here

Bobbing flamingos (available in the shop)

And I couldn't resist a metre of this fabulous fabric:

What I will do with it, I'm not entirely sure, although I am quite fixated on vintage half aprons at the mo (which I will embellish on at a later date) so maybe a flamingo pinny is the way forward?

Anyway, until next time... I will try not to disappear for quite so long.

Pink flamingo lovings


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Annabel 'Sinders' Kenny said...

Oh lots of lovely pinky flamingo goodness! :D