Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting Plans and Patterns

Look! Look! Look!

I finished knitting the anchor!!

And check out the super cute knitting needle box my dear friend Anna-Camp-Anna-Campino gave me for Christmas. Coincided conveniently with my new knitting craze!

So now I have decided to knit another anchor, and a long stripy gusset to make it into a bag. And then I will attach to these rather lovely vintage wicker handles, a friend of Big Nan gave me...

Quite lovely aren't they!?

Once the anchor bag is complete (I will post some photos up), lovely Liverpool Laura of Milo's has suggested I have a go at creating this pretty mega skate get-up!

I am particularly loving the knitted knee pads, which are sure to protect from any scrapes!


Anyway, that's all for now...

Extreme Skate Knit Lovings


1 comment:

Teasemade said...

Ok apart from A. being super impressed with the anchor B. loving the needle case C.... I NEED me one of those jumpers, that is a special bit of knitwear. I expect to see the whole outfit please, modeled by Sybil.