Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cat in The Shoe

Since opening the shop, I have kept meaning to write about all the gorgeous designers I stock, so today I will tell you all about the super dooper Cat in The Shoe.

Lovely Lucy is the lady behind the Cat in the Shoe creations, and these are just a few of the beautiful pieces I have in store...

The Pumpkin Girls... they will set you back £30 each.

Mr & Mrs Porkpie...

Although, due to irreconcileable circumstances, Mrs Porkpie left her husband before Christmas, to go and live with a nice lady called Alice.

Mr Porkpie is now young, free and single.... He WLTM a lady with GSOH but NSA. He comes with a price tag of £32.

All of Lucy's creations are handmade in London by her fair hand, and made using a mixture recycled, vintage and new materials.


Pork Pie Lovings



Emma said...

Oh man, they are so cute. Very Tim Burton-esque. x

Tea at Aunties said...