Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Handful of Gorgeous Presents

Whoa there! Second blog of the day?!

So yup, I found my camera, and here are just a few of my favourite pressies I've received...

From my thoughtful and lovely boyfriend, I was given this beaut of a bear for my birthday, a couple of weeks ago- A 1971 Gabrielle Paddington, complete with the dinkiest red Dunlop wellington boots

And for Christmas he gave me this hilarious and quite grotesque A Ferlay jug, who I have named 'Milk Tits':

I LOVE her!! You put milk in her back, and it pours out through her nipples. So, sooo good!

And because he's a gigantic romantic, he made me this with his crafty paws:

It's me, holding a rolled up poem he wrote for me last Christmas. What a lovely sweetheart!

Following on from the handcrafted pressies is this brillo Red Arrow brooch, hand made by my super talented big sister for my birthday:

We are both gigantic Red Arrow fans, so this will totes be worn during Bournemouth Airshow 2011!

A couple of years ago, our Mum was sorting through her old doll collection, amongst which was a lovely Newquay fisherman. I swiftly grabbed it, only for my darling sister to stop talking to me, for about an hour. We had quite literally regressed to being little girls again, fighting over dollies!

Eventually, I let her have the doll, on condition she made me an exact replica for Christmas, and that was what she did!

I adore him, and love that she made him a local, Mudeford fisherman.

Super talented lady she is!

Anyway, that is just a mere handful of loveliness that I received- I'd be here all day if I listed them all.

Spoilt? Moi?!

So, that is all for today, hope you all got gorgeous gifts galore, and if you didn't, the shop re-opens tomorrow, so you can always pop in and buy yourself a lovely treat.

Alternatively, if you are too far away from Bournemouth to come shopping, pay a visit to the online shop, and grab yourself a bargain from the Super Sale section.

Mucho Lovings


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