Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back to Work...

It was back to work for me yesterday, which was quite a relief as I was getting quite bored with all the eating, and telly watching.

So down came the Christmas tree, the stockings, cards and baubles, and the window displays changed to a New Years Eve party theme!

We've gone for a bit of a black and gold feel, not that you can really tell, as there are so many reflections from the window:

Sybil Squirrel has had an outfit change too...

Feeling rather pleased with the new window displays, today I decided to change the shop about a bit.

My sister came and helped out, along with her trusty saw, to chop off the top of some shelves.

By 5pm I was wishing I'd never started, and abandoned it, to finish off tomorrow!

Here are some bits I did finish though:

And this is what I've got to face tidying and sorting out tomorrow!!

Wish me luck!

Organised Lovings


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