Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoe Story

I might have already told some of you this freaky story before, but I've just entered it for the Selfridges Shoe Story doo-da, to win many lovely shoes, and thought I'd pop it on the blog for your creepy pleasure...

This is a true story, and is a might be a bit diluted as it happened a while back now.

One hot summer's evening a few years ago, after a couple of glasses of wine, I was ambling to my bus stop on Oxford Street, when I was approached by a rather sweaty man, wearing very short shorts and steamed up specs.

He said he'd noticed my shoes, and I looked like I enjoyed shopping. He then went on to tell me he was doing some research into people's shopping habits for a book he was writing, and would I be interested in being a case study? Every shop he observed me in, he would pay me £10.

Let me tell you now, I was skint (I'd recently spent all my money on a pair of Miu Miu tapestry wedge sandals), naive (I hadn't been living in London for long) and did I tell you I'd had a couple of glasses of wine that evening?! Anyway, as I stood at the top of Oxford Street, I thought to myself, £10 per shop could make me A LOT of money, so I agreed, and he suggested we went into Clarkes where I should try some shoes on...

There were conditions though. We had to rush through this, as there were many shops to go to, and we didn't want to attract the staff's attention to slow us down. AND he had to put the shoe on my foot. I thought this all sounded reasonable in my slightly sozzled state, so in we went and as I stood there looking at groovy granny sandals, it suddenly clicked. This man wasn't interested in watching me shop, he was interested in putting shoes on my feet! I had attracted a foot fetishist!!!

Mr Foot Fetish obviously saw the look on my face, as my brain switched on, and he swiftly escorted me out of the shop, and asked whether everything was ok. I told him I felt a little uncomfortable, and had to catch my bus. He kindly offered me his phone number, in case I wanted to re-consider, but I sweetly declined, and fled as quickly as possible.

I haven't worn these shoes for a long time now, but whenever I re-discover them in the dusty depths of my wardrobe, I can't help but laugh... in a creepy sort of way!

Anyway, I will blog properly tomorrow.

I am too tired to do so now!

Shoe Lovings


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