Friday, August 13, 2010

Unfinished Business

In my last blog, I mentioned my tendency to never finish projects, which got me thinking, 'How many unfinished projects do I have lying around?'

Here we go...

Saucy 60s girl, stitched around 2003... then just hung about in a box til now:

Leather fox stole, started in 2004...

Lady of Guadaloupe applique, started circa 2005...

Bottega Veneta inspired handbag, begun around 2005... never finished:

The image on my business card, and I did make a handbag for my sister with this design on, but this replica applique has sat about since 2006:

Massive mexican sugar skull applique, which I think I might make into a bag. I stitched this around 2007!

A Typewriter all stitched by hand, in leather seemed like a good idea in 2007. What a surprise, I never got any further than this:

Lummy cripes... the list goes on and on:

A herd(?) of horses:

A sexy lady in a lifebelt:

Some tattoo design thing, that I got bored with, halfway through the cobweb!

And this is just a tiny taster. Having unearthed them now, it might have almost inspired me to finish them.

But I'll keep you posted on that idea!

Inconsistent Lovings



beewaits said...

The leather fox stole is amazing! You have to finish it!

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

I know, I know!!
Maybe that will be next week's goal!

Pixie said...

I absolutely love it all! The typewriter idea is genius! I reckon you could make me a handbag with that. ;) x

Plinth said...

love them all!you have so many great ideas!

Christina Sanders said...

I love that day of the dead skull - and the fox! You have to finish them!

Lots of love Christina x

Teasemade said...

That's some impressive collection! glad I'm not the only one that gets distracted from long projects, by the the 'next'... tempted to unearth my stash now. Foxy is my fave.