Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fresh Sushi are the Fishes Fins

Last Summer, whilst roaming around a field at Bestival, and trying to decide what to eat, I met a lovely lady called Laura. We got chatting about the mexican skull brooch on my bag, and about the gorge Fresh Sushi yurt she was working at...

Anyway, almost a year has passed, and some strange sushi brooches were created, and I wasn't entirely sure whether these brooches worked. Then Miss Laura got in touch, and I had a bonkers brainwave. This was the girl to rock the sushi accessories!

So, a lovely platter of sushi has been stitched and stuffed, and sent all the way to Edinburgh...

And as she's such a groovy, lovely lady, I popped in a couple of Sushi surprises...

A fishy necklace:

And a super seafood-y head piece:

And today, Laura emailed to let me know they'd arrived. I'd been dying to post the photos on the blog all week, but didn't want to ruin her sushi surprise!

And here's the Queen of Sushi herself, rocking the fishy look:

Sooooo, this year, if you are going to any of the Festivals below, go and check out Fresh Sushi, feast on their yummy delights, and see all the staff wearing their Love From Hetty & Dave brooches...

You can check out their Facebook page here!

Hop farm
T in the park
Camp bestival
The big chill
V festival
Reading festival
Electric picnic

And there will be some sushi platters available to buy online sooooooon.

Fishy Festival Lovings



Anonymous said...

yummy sushi
LOVE it your the master !!!
love xxx

Pixie said...

You're amazing. I'm trying to think of something I could commission for you just to get some more of your expertises! x