Monday, June 14, 2010

Bits and Bobs and Bunnies

I was too busy to blog last week (la-di-da!), so here's some nice bits and bobs to feast your eyes on.

Here's a lovely way to wear a pair of brooches and jazz up some boring pumps...

I discovered the ace work of She Draws. I almost did a little bit of wee when I saw this...

So I snapped that up, obv, and teamed it up with this ace little mohair cape I picked up for a mere £4.99 at the new Salvation Army shop that's opened up the road:

And this is what I'll be wearing on my fingers, when I wear my cape...

That's right, mouse rings. Makes typing a whole lot more entertaining. Add a real life cat, and you're done for! These are new, and you can buy them here.

Oh and I mustn't forget this hilarious commission I made for a lovely lady called Sophie, who serves up cricket teas at the weekends...

This is how Captain Fishcake looked in his younger days, when he was a keen cricketer.

I must add, yesterday was my last day trading at Spitalfields Market. So I'd like to thank all the lovely customers who came and bought from me there, and all the wonderful people I worked alongside, but after a good few years, it felt like it was time to break free.

I'm certainly gonna miss these two ladies, who bought practically every colour way possible of the swallow headbands!

So here goes another busy, busy week.



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Maja said...

Very, very cute!

:) Maja