Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumnal Goodness

Arghhhhhh, I just wrote a lovely long post, then lost it all, so here I go again...

Firstly, apologies go out to my dear Mama, who was very disappointed to discover I hadn't blogged in a while...

Anyway, the shop has all been going peachy dandy, and after years of working in pretty much isolation from home, with only the cat to chat to, it's quite a novelty talking to all sorts of different people everyday.

Last week I had the lovely Therese come and experience work with me for 3 days, during which she made my fabby OPEN and CLOSED sign, circus styley:

LOVE IT!! Just wish she coulda stayed longer, but I had to let her go back to Stevenage.

Anyway, since the clocks changed, it's suddenly felt very autumnal, and I thought it was time to unleash Sybil Squirrel on Pokesdown:

And now back, due to popular demand, are the acorn necklaces, perfect for squirrels and ladies alike:

If you can't make it to the real life shop, you can buy your acorn treat here.

Acorn lovings


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steven mcvay said...

you HAVE to make a baby squirrels head, or maybe an owls head, or maybe a badgers head, or maybe a woodpecker, or maybe a fluffy bunnies head for my little dresses.. go on, you MUST...X