Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Hero Snazziness

A couple of weeks ago my neighbour Susie asked whether I could conjure up some sort of She-Ra outfit for a super hero party she was going to. 'Yeah, yeah' I replied, and then forgot, and had to quickly cobble something together in a day.

Amazingly I had a pair of gold cowboy boots hanging around (as you do) which were ideal, and conveniently in her size. A red cape was hiding in one of my many fabric boxes, and she had a white dress and hair extensions, so between us, we weren't doing too badly!

After studying She-Ra's head dress, and pretty much drawing up a blank as to how to make it, I just got the scissors out and started sewing regardless. This is what I came up with, and then wore around the house for the rest of the day:

I was pretty impressed with myself and very close to picking the boy up from outside his office wearing it. Then I thought, as he's in his first week of a new job, he might just finish with me on the spot!

Anyway, after no time at all, I'd make little gold wings to stitch onto the bust of the dress, along with gold belt, armlets, and gold and blue design, and this is the finished outfit on Miss Susie herself.

Snazzmatron, right?!

Anyway, just for a little nostalgia on a Saturday night, here's the Secret Sword...

Super powered lovings


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Teasemade said...

I so love a good costume making session, and this is quite special indeed!!! I really do wish more days were spent in costume, I would have had trouble parting with the headwear. Nice work.