Friday, May 28, 2010

T-shirts T-shirts T-shirts

A couple of weeks ago, on a crazy whim, I got a couple of T-shirts printed with Captain Fishcake, just to see what they looked like.

And this was the result...

I showed a few people, and everyone loved them. In fact, I sold one straight away to the handsome Mr Kemble, who put it on immediately, and did a monster pose for the camera...

So I decided to keep the other one for myself, wear it and see what everyone thought. Obviously I spilt food down it straight away, as I can't seem to wear anything white without getting it dirty immediately.

Anyway, thanks to all the great feedback, I've ordered a bunch of these T-shirts in Small, Medium and Large, and they are now available to buy online here for a mere £15.

By the way, they wash perfectly... and I got the food stains out of mine straightaway! Well done Mr Washing Machine.

Nautical T-shirty lovings


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