Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Been Happening Then, Huh?

Every time I write my blog, I promise myself that I will write more regularly, then stuff happens, and I forget, then realise a month has nearly passed, so just a quick lowdown on the last month...

Here is my new work space. The boy donated his amazing, gigantic 70s desk to me, in hope that this would contain my mess. Still working on my messy and chaotic issues:

We met Alfie, the manic Staffy cross Bull Mastiff puppy that my pops is crazy enough to have re-homed. He looks cute, but is actually MENTAL, and has put me off having a dog for quite some time:

And what else...?

Well, I haven't really done much work to be honest, so I'll big up my dear friend Edward de Lacy instead, and his truly AMAZING handbags. I have 3 already, and his new designs are super cool. I'd like all of them please... especially this one:

You can see his stuff here. It's mightily fine.

Soooo, I think that is all for now, on this super dreary, rainy night.

Spitalfields tomorrow...

Snuggly lovings


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