Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seaside loveliness

Wowzers trousers, it's been quite a busy week so far... after flooding the kitchen with the broken washing machine, I took a trip to the launderette, and proceeded to melt most of my bras in the tumble dryer. What an idiot, but what a brill excuse to go and buy lots of lovely new undies!

So, along with the undies, I got some rather lovely purchases... here is a few of my favourite things I got my mits on this week:

My St. Lucia straw bag being the best summer bag ever, from my favourite-est vintage shop ever, 'Clobber' in Pokesdown. My amazing Scooter Silk scarf came from there too, with thanks to the boy... who also got me my cute white brogues. Spoilt? Moi?

And to go with all the nautical stuff, I got some lovely buckets and spades, for a bit of a makeover on the stall, along with some old school saucy seaside postcards. Watch this space for the new look stall at Spitalfields... I'm excited!

So I thought, to jazz everything up, it was time to do some sort of groooovy packaging for the brooches at le marche...

I love to doodle, so these framed tags are the new thing, and look pretty cute, even if I do say so myself.

But best of all, yesterday I ordered some snazzy cotton tote bags with Captain Fishcake's friendly face printed on, and as if by magic, they arrived today in super speedy style, and I think they look fabio:

They are available to buy on the website, for a mere £12.50 + p&p and are big enough and strong enough to hold your books, snacks AND ukelele. You can't say better than that...

Anyway, that's enough for today.. time for bed.

Seaside lovings


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