Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animal Treats

Wowzers trousers, almost another month has flown by since my last post.

Soooo, February has been a month consisting of otters... I LOVE them sooooo much!!

Possibly the coolest car EVER...

Could I get a peach version I wonder?

And cuddling Deer... the boy was almost dumped for this lil' fella:

Between these lovely Valentines treats, steam has been coming out of the long-neglected sewing machine.

Now feast your eyeballs on these cute purses, and click the images to view the range on Etsy...

Badgers are probably my second fave animal after Otters. So snuffly.

Then it's probably bunnies and mice...

Big enough to hold keys, phone and wallet, these clutch purses hang around your wrist on a detachable chunky gold chain.

Alternatively you could pop your pens and pencils in them, or make up... or whatever you like really.

Well, I think that's all for today.

Keep watching for Mother's Day gift ideas, coming soooooon.

Deer kisses and Otter lovings


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