Friday, February 26, 2010

The Adventures, of Portland Bill...

Oh come with me,
To the rolling sea,
While the weather's calm and still.
And we'll have some fun and laughter with
The Adventures of Portland Bill.

I'd forgotten how much I LOVED Portland Bill (the programme) as a kid, although I do remember crying my eyes out in my pushchair when we went to visit the actual Lighthouse :'(

Anyway, get ready for the new nautical collection me hearties!

And this is only the beginning...

More to follow next week.

Have a super dooper weekend.

Sea Shanty lovings



Rowan | KitschenSink said...

LOved your stall at Spitalfields.

Potland Bill?!? Shit! I loved thatand had a duvet set that was awesome.

Your work blows my mind xxx

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

Ahh, I only just saw your lovely comment Rowan! Thank you so much!
I was a massive fan of Trumpton too- possible Fireman collection on it's way?! xx

edwina.simone said...

Hahaha, this little captain chain is the best :)