Monday, July 6, 2015

Sewing Adventures in London

Soooo/sew last week, on the hottest day EVER, I journeyed up to London to teach a bunch of rather super ladies to stitch leather flamingos and pineapples, at the gorgeous baby shop, Carry me Home in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street.

How we didn't all completely melt in the heat on Wednesday night, I'll never know, but it's probably partly due to the rather lovely Jimmy's Iced Coffee people for providing us with beverages! Cheers Jimmy- you probably saved our lives!!

Here are some faces that are concentrating on not melting, and sewing flamingo accessories...


Here's the flamingo gang with their finished results...

Two rather splendid flamingo hairslides, made by the two Nicki's:

The next day was marginally cooler, and the gorgeous Gayle, (who was absolutely hostess with the mostest, for both hosting the workshops in her beautiful space, and providing me with a place to sleep as well as conjuring us up a feast when we got back on Wednesday night) and I had a quick selfie before we ventured out into Thursday's heat...

As I don't often get a day all to myself where I'm not having to rush about/sew/send out orders/do housework etc I really made the most of mooching around the sales... and I may have made a few purchases in the scrumptious Anthropologie. 

I couldn't resist the pineapple rolling pin, and fishy plates, perfect for picnics...

 After a truly delightful afternoon, and a few other cheeky purchases had been made it was time for workshop number 2... Pineapples!

A slightly cooler evening, and many jammy dodgers were consumed.

Here's Lydia and Bethan, completely wrapped up in pineapple production...

And here's the gang with their finished pineapple necklaces... closely observed by a lion, elephant, bear and giraffe.

A lovely collection of pineapples and flamingos had been stitched,  and so I bid my adieu and ventured into the night up to Angel, where I was greeted on the doorstep of a dear friend's posh pad, and a glass of champagne thrust upon me. I stepped over the threshold into a somewhat debauched birthday party, and in doing so rewound the clock by 10 years, to when I lived in London and partied regularly with this birthday girl!

A super ending to a fab couple of days in the city, and waking up (albeit slightly hungover after PatrĂ³n Tequilas aplenty!) with this wonderful view of London from Roo's roof terrace...

On my journey home, with time to reflect on those last couple of days, I realise what a lucky girl I am, to have such fabulous family and friends, a career I absolutely adore, so many amazing customers and such a super husband waiting for me at home, who I had missed like crazy!

Ahhhhh, what a sweet ending!

So, if you missed out on those London workshops, hopefully I will be back later on in the year... Keep your eyes peeled for dates.

London lovings,

Zoe xx

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