Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolutions... Schmesolutions...

Soooo, we're twenty days into January, and twenty days on from my blog post that proclaimed that I was aiming to blog more regularly... well, if I can squeeze another two in before the month is out, I reckon that'll be okay- works out as one a week on average, so it's a fairly good start!

I'm not really one for making 'New Years Resolutions' as such, I am more into giving myself goals throughout the year, one of which was to write 2-3 blog posts a week... hmmm...

Anyway, one such goal was the classic, 'lose some weight'. Except, I prefer not to be so vague, as I don't have much motivation unless there is a target, so mine is to lose two stone... So far? 4.5lbs. So far, so good. It involves eating A LOT of fresh fruit and veg, which I did before, but now I am cutting out the choco and cakes. It feels goooooood... and occasionally  torturous walking past a cake shop.

Another job to do this year was to do a proper good sort out. When I cleared out the shop last summer I realised I had become Dorset's worst/best hoarder, and although I got rid of a lot of stuff then, I also kept rather a lot too... Having moved into a fairly little house with my hoarder husband, I think it's time to get ruthless and have a mega de-clutter. 

I've started with my studio:
Thrown out two bin bags full of rubbish last week. 
I packed two large crates of stuff ready to take to the car boot sale, as soon as car boot season begins. Sold 132 cds and dvds to Music Magpie. 
Started a MEGA SALE on the website, to sell off all those bits and bobs that have hung about for faaaar too long.

It feels  like a relief to get rid of stuff, and there is still soooooo much to do.

Now it's nice to look in the cupboard and see everything in it's rightful place:


I even did a little sort out of my shelves... it's nice to look up from my work and see pictures of me and my besties, my wedding day, knick knacks reminding me of my wonderful friendships and a stack of books with my name on the spine. 

Just below the shelves you can see portraits of my beloved and I, expertly drawn by my sweet, mad 7 year old stepdaughter.

Something I've been meaning to tackle for quite some time now is the ridiculous stash of half finished projects. It might just be a drop in the ocean, but I started by finishing off these three lovely mermaids. Get your mitts on the last one, Matilda Mermaid here.

And fifteen budgie brooches, most of which have now sold here.

All in all, it feels like things are moving in a pretty positive direction...

And today's goal? Get these Pineapple goodies online, along with a million other little jobs to do...

Super Productive lovings


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