Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Week's Shoe Workshop

Sooo, I've been meaning to blog about last week's shoe workshop, since, well... last week. But then something happened to distract me, then I got distracted by something else, then both distractions got forgotten about etc etc.

Anyway, five lovely ladies came along to pimp their pumps- three of whom went for the cat design in various colours and styles, one made poodle pumps and below you can see the rather marvellous badger shoes by Sarah...

Here are the ladies beavering away with needle and thread:

And of course we stopped for lunch, consisting of sandwiches and this rather marvellous Victoria sponge that I'd lovingly baked the night before...

And here are all our tootsies in the finished products- I cheated and popped on a pair of owl shoes I'd made earlier...

The next workshop will be a short 2 hour class in the evening on Friday 12th July where you will learn to make leather strawberries to turn into earring, brooch or hairslide... Pop it in your diary now, and there'll be more details to follow soooooooon.

Shoe-shaped Lovings 

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