Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hedley the Hedgehog

I told you I'd keep you posted on the rugby playing hedgehog commission, so here ya go...

When my lovely, loyal customer Sophie commissioned a brooch of a rugby playing hedgehog called Hedley, I must admit, I did do a little LOL, but it didn't really surprise me, as a while back, Sophie asked me to make her a rosy cheeked cricketer brooch, to wear while she served up cricket teas!

Anyway, meet Hedley the Hedgehog, mascot of Hitchin RFC...

Here's Hedley before and after stitching and stuffing...

Sophie tells me Hedley the Hedgehog arrived all safe and well this afternoon, just in time to be worn at tomorrow night's youth section Halloween party at the rugby club.

So that's another commission, done and dusted.

Next? A tartan sausage dog draught excluder!

Hedgey Lovings


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