Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung... kinda

My blogging has become slack, slack, slack again, and for this I am sorry, but I have been a super busy bee recently with a gigantic big order.

Anyway, in between stitching the big order, like a mad woman I've snuck in a couple of new designs- nothing like a bit of avoidance tactic creativity!

So with spring on the way, and the sun shining, a new birdy design flew into my brain...

Blue tits: the epitome of Spring, yes?

Here's a couple that landed in the shop, on top of a suitcase of lovely vintage jumpers...

And here's me wearing my new favourite vintage jumper, and a lovely pair of tits...

In other news, at the beginning of the month, I took part in the fabbo Boscombe Vintage Market. This takes place every first Saturday of the month at Boscombe Crescent, and is a pretty marvellous day with lots and lots and LOTS of super lovely people selling gorgeous handcrafted and vintage goodies, and many wonderful, friendly customers.

I managed to spend practically all the money I made, and one particular beaut of a buy was a Fairisle tank top in candy colours, but in a teeny tiny size... I just couldn't resist.

After trying it on, and the boy looking at me in mild disgust as it squidged down my boobies and looked like some sort of terrible knitted bra gone wrong, I offered it to my sister. She's a lot smaller than me, and it was still a squeeze, so this is what I did with the wonderful tank top...

I made it into these two cute cats, Bertie and Bill.

You can buy them online here, but be quick because there's only one of each.

You'll meet Frankie in the shop too:

Frankie is quite a hit with the ladies...

Anyway, that is all for now- I have loads more I could write about, but I'll save some for another day.

Spring Time Lovings


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