Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gabberdashery at Standon Calling

What are you doing this weekend?

If you are heading to Standon Calling, make sure you make a beeline to the Gabberdashery shop, on the temporary 'high street', where you will find a delicious selection of Love From Hetty & Dave treats!

Gaberdashery is an exciting new project developed to showcase and sell pieces inspired by Gabby Young and her style. And her amazing style is definitely something to be talked about:

Up and coming artists, illustrators, fashion designers and craftspeople are contributing everything from handmade lace gloves to customized tea-cups; if its eclectic, artistic and 'Gabby' then Gaberdashery will be selling it!

And for a little of the personal touch, Gabby and Katie (stylist and partner in the Gabberdashery
project), have now got their very own Love From Hetty & Dave heart pins, which you'll see them wearing at future events...

So if you go, don't forget to watch Gabby Young & Other Animals. Beautiful, beautiful music, described as "if ani difranco had sex with jeff buckley in 1920 while on acid listening to ella fitzgerald...that would be the wonderful music of gabby young..."

Stylish Musical Lovings


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Plinth said...

SO excited about wearing my pin-thanks a million!!!