Friday, July 16, 2010

Mexicana Magic

I've always been drawn to Mexican folk art, possibly since discovering a big hard back book in the bookcase as a child, all about black magic and witchcraft.

In fact, I think this book was called the Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft and Black Magic, and when questioned about why we had this in the house, Mum told us it was sent by mistake by her book club. Yeah, whatever Mum...

Anyway, once you got past the MASSIVE picture of a mummified witches hand on page one, and numerous images of naked women dancing around bonfires, there were some ace pictures of Mexican sugar skulls, amongst other fascinating day of the dead photos.

This book was possibly the most interesting, frightening and bizarre thing I'd ever seen, as an 8 year old, and had a lasting impression. I'm pretty certain this is what led me to my fascination of Mexican arts.

And a few years ago, I designed my own leather brooch version of the sugar skull, and been making them ever since.

This summer, I have combined lots of lovely ice-cream colours with a splash of gold, and here they are , available to buy here.

And alongside the brooches, are the NEW skull headbands... and rather lovely they are too, even if I do say so myself.

Available in 2 different colourways - mint and lilac, or blue and pink:


Buy yourself a headband here!

Mexican lovings


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Pixie said...

ACE! I am in love with mexican day of the dead stuff. :)