Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Delights!

Seems like love is in the air at the mo, and everyone is getting engaged or married, and there's nothing more I love than a good wedding, if only to fight for the bouquet at the end!

Anyway, last weekend, the lovely Ian Davenport and beautiful Emma Cake tied the knot, and here's what they got...

You can read the full story on the super talented photographer's blog here and see all the fab photos from the day too.

The spontaneous laughing lady (which is me) wishes these two lovely people the happiest life time together!

And in other news... the amazing Love From Hetty & Dave model, Filly Pops has returned from her travels, and we'll be seeing her funny face, modelling the new collection sooooon!

Hooray! And here's just a little heart-shaped peek of what's to come...

Someone's head has been in the clouds a bit tooo much recently! But in every cloud there's a silver lining...

Til next time people!



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