Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tattoos, Holiday blues, Cupcakes and Pom-poms!

Wow, I got trapped in holiday mode and didn't even send a postcard, so here's what's been happening...

Spent 8 hours a day, sunbathing on the beach, but managed to fit in some shopping and got these amazing pom pom slippers in Greece...

...expect to see some sort of pom pom inspired treats soon!

Then on our return from hols, thanks to my dear sister who designed it, and the brillo Dixie Doll who stuck it in my arm, I got my beautiful new tattoo...

We're thinking, new Love From Hetty & Dave logo there!

Notice Dinah Cat managed to squidge her fluffy self into that pic, and my face is expressing true holiday blues!

Then, last Saturday (which seems like a lifetime ago now) we did the Bust Summer Craftacular, which was super fun...

... and met some ace people, including the lovely Amy & Susan

They got quite excited about the cupcakes!

So anyway, now we are focusing on some very cute designs for Christmas (Christmas is only 113 days away you know!). We heart them, and think you will too- watch this space!



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Anonymous said...

Love the slippers! I want a pair but haven't got enough money to go to Greece to get any. Glad you had fun times at the Craftacular and it was great to meet and have a chat with you. Hope to see you soon at another event! xx