Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuff on Cats.

I've been a teeny bit quiet on the blog front recently, due to a non-stop sewing frenzy for a lovely, gigantic order from Japan, amongst other sewing related things.

In fact, it's all gone so crazy, my dear friend, Miss Lola-Bing has been helping, and what with us both being a little cat obsessed, and following a conversation about my favourite website, stuffonmycat she kindly sent me a pic of her kitty today, with, well, some Love From Hetty & Dave stuff on it!

Love it! It's like some kinda superhero cat thing going on there!

I tried to get Mademoiselle Dinah to model one of my cat necklaces a while back, but she was not particularly happy about it. I have scars to prove it...

Check out those claws!

Anyway, that's all the cat news for now.

Au revoir!


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